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Change the default basemap

The basemap that is displayed by default in a map is the default basemap specified in your organization's ArcGIS account. You can specify a different default basemap by changing the Default Basemap setting in your ArcGIS account or by editing the baseMap section of the defaultMap.json.txt file.

The following instructions describe how to change the default basemap by editing defaultMap.json.txt.

  1. Make a backup of defaultMap.json.txt, located at <MicroStrategy plugin directory>\JavaScript\em4mstr\mstr\defaults.
  2. Find the following section in defaultMap.json.txt:
    "itemData": {
  3. Specify the basemap you want by including its unique ID and the URL to its REST endpoint, for example:
    "itemData": {
      "baseMap": {
        "baseMapLayers": [
            "id": "123456",
            "url": ""
        "title": "New default Base Map"
  4. Refresh your browser cache.

    The newly specified default basemap will be used in all new map configurations, overriding the Default Basemap setting in your ArcGIS organizational account.