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View a map-enabled report in a different format

Map-enabled reports can be viewed in other report formats once the report has been run in HTML. Esri Maps for IBM Cognos supports viewing maps in PDF and Excel report formats by generating an image of the map that is included in the output report.


When rendering a map in PDF or Excel format, Esri Maps for IBM Cognos generates an image of the map as it is displayed in HTML. To generate the map image, Esri Maps for IBM Cognos requires that the map be rendered when the PDF or Excel format is chosen.

For this reason, if a report has maps on multiple pages, only the maps on the currently displayed HTML page are rendered in the PDF or Excel output document. If you want to print all of the maps in a multipage report, you must print each page individually to properly display the image snapshot of each map in the printed output. For each page containing a map, browse to the HTML page you want to print, choose the desired output format, and find and print the page in the output document.

  1. Run the report in HTML.
  2. Click the View in HTML Format button.
  3. Select the desired output format.

    The map is displayed in the output document.


    Notify your system administrator if characters are missing in the map image. For more information, see Troubleshooting.

  4. Print the output document if desired.