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Use infographics

Infographics are visualizations that provide rich contextual information about the areas surrounding the features in your map. When you click the Infographics button in a pop-up, ArcGIS aggregates the demographics around that feature on your map and delivers them using easy-to-understand infographics that contain information such as age distribution and income for a set distance around the selected location. The information contained in infographics is available while the pop-up is open and is not saved to your business system.


Using this functionality consumes ArcGIS service credits. To estimate how many service credits you'll use, see Service Credits Overview.

In the image below, an infographic shows the average household size within a one-mile radius of the selected city. Many infographics are interactive; hover over elements in the infographics or use the Forward and Back arrows to display additional information.

Example of an Average Household Size infographic

To view a more detailed infographic, click the Maximize button in the pop-up's title bar. Click Restore to return the window to its original size.

Maximized infographic

Click the Previous and Next arrows on the Infographics window to scroll through available feature visualizations.

Click the Zoom to button to zoom to the selected feature.

Click the Attributes button to display the feature's attributes list.

Attributes list for selected feature

The Attributes and Infographics options on pop-ups are persistent, meaning that the last selected button determines what is displayed in subsequent pop-ups. For example, if you view infographics in a pop-up and then close the pop-up, all other pop-ups will automatically display infographics for selected features. Because viewing infographics consumes ArcGIS service credits, it is good practice to revert to the Attributes display before closing the pop-up.


Infographics are only available if enabled by your organization's administrator and by the report author.