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Use labels

Labels are short pieces of text that describe features in a layer and help your audience understand what they are looking at. The text for the label is usually derived from layer attributes. You can easily turn labels on or off for Esri Maps for IBM Cognos data layers and ArcGIS feature layers. When turned on, labels are automatically placed on the map near the features they describe.

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos places as many labels on the map as possible without overlapping them. Thus, in areas where features are tightly clustered, some features may not get labeled. As you zoom in to an area, more labels will dynamically appear. Labeling priority follows the layer order in your map from top to bottom. Layers at the top are labeled first and will have the most labels.

  1. In the Contents pane, click the Configure layer button Configure layer beside the feature service layer for which you want to use labels.
  2. Click the On/Off selector beside Label to render labels for the features on the map.

    The Label item is unavailable if Clustering or Heat map is turned on. You must first turn off clustering and heat map before you can enable and configure labels.

    If the report author customized labels, the customized label displays; otherwise, label text displays default layer attributes using the default styling.