What's new for previous releases

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

Review what's new in the latest release of Indoor Space Planner.

New at ArcGIS Online 10.3

  • You can share plans with groups that you are a member of, and allow other members to make changes to your plans.
  • You can add placeholder occupants and assign them to office units or office hotels for future planning.
  • You can measure spaces using the Measurement tool.

New at ArcGIS Online 10.2

  • You can set the scheduling limits for the hotel areas honored using Indoor Viewer and Indoors mobile to avoid overbooking, improve availability, and improve scheduling of units. These policies limit the total number of bookings an occupant can make, the number of days a booking can be made in advance, and the total duration of the booking in a hotel area.

New at ArcGIS Online 10.1

  • You can make hotel bookings for others and manage them if you are a reservation manager.
  • You can use the move feature to move occupants between rooms or within a room. This allows you to update the location of seating assignments on the map and prevent labels from overlapping if a unit has multiple assignments.