Share a web map for use in Space Planner

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Spaces extension.

Indoor Space Planner allows you to assign occupants to individual spaces or activity-based workspace areas and define these workspace areas for hot desks, office hotels, or meeting rooms. You can use ArcGIS Online to share floor-aware web maps based on your organization’s requirements.

Sharing a Space Planner web map to ArcGIS Online requires sharing web maps to support visualization and space planning management workflows.

Share a Space Planner web map to ArcGIS Online

You can share your Space Planner web map to ArcGIS Online with no additional steps needed to publish a web map to support plan management capabilities.


Map image layers are not supported in ArcGIS Online.

Complete the following steps to share a Space Planner web map to ArcGIS Online:

  1. Open the Space Planner map authored for ArcGIS Online in ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Connect to ArcGIS Online.
  3. On the Share tab, in the Share As group, click Web Map New Web Map.

    The Share As Web Map pane appears.

  4. For Select a Configuration, choose the Copy all data: Editable option.
  5. Choose the appropriate Share with option:
    • Everyone—Share your content with the public. Anyone can access and see it.
    • My Organization—Share your content with all authenticated users in your organization. This option is available when you are signed in with an organizational account.
    • Groups—Share your content with groups to which you belong and their members.
  6. Click the Configuration tab and select the feature layer that contains the layers in your map.
  7. Click Properties, click the Configuration tab, and set the following:
    • For the Enable editing and allow editors to option, choose the Add, update, and delete features option.
    • Check the Export Data check box.
    • Check the Preserve editor tracking info check box.
  8. Click Analyze and fix any errors in your web map.
  9. Click Publish to share your web map.
  10. Browse to your web map in your ArcGIS organization and ensure that it was shared correctly.
  11. Click the shared feature layer to open the item page and click the Settings tab.
  12. Under Editing, check the check boxes for the following:
    • Keep track of created and updated features
    • Keep track of who created and last updated features

    The Enable editing check box should already be checked.

  13. Click Save.

You can now configure a Space Planner app based on the shared web map.

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