Choose a template

You can choose an initiative template from the Template Gallery to get started with a set of packaged solutions.

For example, a template can include a site, two dashboards, and three pages that have been pre-designed to address a specific topic or goal. You can configure each solution with your own content, data, and branding. You do not have to deploy all of the template's solutions and you can add your own solutions, such as web maps and other items, to the template.


You can preview templates on the ArcGIS Hub Template Gallery page.

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS Hub with the appropriate privileges.
  2. On Overview, click New on the Initiatives card.
  3. Click Browse Templates.
  4. Filter the gallery to show templates created by you, Esri, or other members of your organization.

    You can also view publicly shared templates using the World filter to get started with resources shared by another organization.

  5. Click on a template's title to preview its site.
  6. Once you've made a selection, click Activate template.

    You are placed in the template's site editor where you can begin configuring the site as your own. To start configuring any apps or other items included with the template, click Content Library in the edit navigation bar.

  7. Note:
    Most templates owned by Esri include a How-to Guide. To view your template's guide, click View on your template site's edit navigation bar to open the site in a new browser window. Then, click on the How to use this template menu link in your site's header to view the guide.