Frequently asked questions

What are ArcGIS Hub projects?

With Hub projects, you can share information and facilitate engagement around scoped, time-based efforts. Projects are a way to communicate the who, what, where, etc. of real-world work to an internal or external audience. Projects can help you manage, measure, and highlight your work as you track progress towards shared, shorter-term goals.

Under which Hub license are projects available?

ArcGIS Hub Premium customers have access to Hub projects.

Who can create a project?

Core team members can create a new project and will be the owner.

Where in Hub can I create a new project?

Core team members can create a new project from the Content library and from the site level global navigation, using the New button.

Does this create a new item in my catalog?

Projects are items that appear in the owner’s user profile and in the content library, if shared to a group that powers the library (content group for example).

What information can you include and share about a Hub project?

For new projects, you can enter a name, purpose, status (from a set of options), and location. After the project is created, you can add an image and content to feature, description, timeline, and more. Categories and tags are used for searching. You can also add metrics to show progress or other measurable aspects of the project.

How does setting a project location work?

You can represent project location(s) using the organization extent or draw custom points, lines, or areas. You can draw up to ten features. If you draw nothing, location is hidden on all maps.

How does the theme of the site affect the project view?

A Hub project will use the theme that is set for the site.

How do I edit my project?

Project owners have edit capabilities as does the core team if the project is shared with them. On the project view, select the edit pencil and you can add or change information in the project workspace, an editing interface that is customized for projects. If a project is shared with a shared update group, any member can edit it.

How do I bring in collaborators?

You can manage collaborators, grant permissions, and more in the project workspace. Only owners can share to groups with edit capabilities. But any project editor can share the project to view groups.

Can a project be private to one person or a group?

When creating a project, it is shared with the Owner (by default); change sharing level to Organization or Public as needed. You can accept or change the default sharing with the site core team and the site content group.

Can I rearrange project components that appear in the project view?

For consistency in design and efficiency in function, it is not possible to move project components.

Can I have multiple Hub projects in my site?

You can create an unlimited number of projects for a site. Additionally, any project you create can be associated with multiple sites.

How often is the information updated that appears on the Page views card on project overview (a panel in project workspace)?

These updates require at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours to reflect changes.

How do I delete a project?

Project owners can delete the project in the project workspace (or ArcGIS Online). Organization administrators can manage other users' projects in ArcGIS Online.

How can I showcase projects on my Hub site for internal audiences or my community to discover?

You can add projects to a gallery card and share projects to the site (content group) for visitors to search and filter (under the 'All' search collection). You can also add a link on the site header or a site button to all projects shared with a site, using the dedicated search page for projects: {siteurl}/projects.

What happens if a field is left blank?

Hub only displays fields on the project view that have been filled out, so blank fields will not appear.

What information does Hub show in the project header?

A map with the project location will appear if a location is set. If not, a thumbnail image (set in ArcGIS Online) for the item shows. If this is not available, only the project title will show.

How can I provide feedback on my experience using Hub projects?

In the project overview, you will see a feedback window with a link to a survey.