Esri is an industry leader in reviewing and processing census information as well as understanding and accurately updating dynamic census geography and demographic trends. With over 50 years of GIS experience, Esri produces independent demographic and socioeconomic updates and forecasts for the United States using a variety of data sources to update small areas, beginning with the latest U.S. Census base and adding a mixture of administrative records and private sources to capture change. These are known as Esri's Updated Demographics. Alongside these Updated Demographics, Esri provides U.S. Census Bureau and American Community Survey (ACS) demographics as a point of reference for understanding growth in an area and to provide additional community details.

Esri Demographics serve as the foundation for Esri's lifestyle and behavioral datasets: Tapestry Segmentation, Consumer Spending, Retail Demand by Industry, and Market Potential.

Esri partners with authoritative providers of points of interest (POI) data to provide the following datasets: Business Summary, Business Locations, Places, Crime, and Traffic.



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