What's new in ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Available with Workflow Manager license.

The 11.2 release of ArcGIS Workflow Manager includes the following new features and enhanced functionality:




  • You can export a Workflow Manager configuration to a .wmc file to import and update items in another Workflow Manager system.
  • Use the Log Messages tab to identify, monitor, and troubleshoot problems in the Workflow Manager web app.
  • The Diagrams tab features draft diagrams that allow you to review, discard, and compare changes between your active and draft diagrams.
  • You can configure your job settings to archive closed jobs after a set number of days.
  • You can now use your browser's theme settings to view the Workflow Manager web app in dark mode.
  • New features are available for your workflow items after upgrading to the latest version.

Step templates

  • You can create a job for each item defined in an array using the Create job step.
  • The Open Pro Project Items step allows you to use an Arcade expression to provide a dynamic value for the input type.
  • Workflow Manager now supports offline editing workflows with two new step types and updated step functionality:
    • The Create Replica step is a new step type that can be used to create a replica geodatabase from a specified data source.
    • Open and sync replica layers in ArcGIS Pro using the Open Pro Project Items step.
    • The Reconcile and Post step is a new step type that can be used to retrieve changes, detect conflicts, and merge changes from your branch version to the default version.
  • You can now use the Cleanup step to remove the location defined in the job, replicas associated with the job, and replica files from the shared file location.

ArcGIS Arcade expressions

  • JobLocationGeometry is a new Arcade expression that returns the geometry object associated with a job's location, including polygon, polyline, or multipoint geometries.
  • JobIndex is a new Arcade expression that returns the index value associated with the chronological order of job creation.
  • JobVersionDetails and JobVersionDetailsArray are new Arcade expressions that return the active version details of the job's data source.

Functionality matrix

For an overview of the features available with your version of Workflow Manager, review the ArcGIS Workflow Manager 11.2 Functionality Matrix.