Step templates

Step templates are preconfigured steps that perform different types of actions when a job is run, such as opening a map, running a geoprocessing tool, asking a question, and so on. Each step template contains a default name and values for step properties, options, and styling. When a step template is added to a workflow diagram, it becomes a unique step in the workflow and its default values can be customized as necessary.

The following table lists the step templates included in ArcGIS Workflow Manager:

Step templateDescription

Add Attachment

Add attachments to a job.

Add Comment

Add comments to a job.

Advanced Assignment

Choose the user or group to whom a subsequent step is assigned.

Claim Version

Transfer the ownership of data from one user to another during the course of a job.


Delete the active job version, the location defined in the job, replicas associated with the job, and the replica files from the shared file location.

Create Job

Create jobs and automatically generate dependencies and establish parent-child relationships between jobs.

Create Replica

Create a replica geodatabase from a specified data source to edit layers offline.

Create Version

Create job-specific versions of your data.

Define Location

Define the geographic extent of a job's location.

Evaluate Data Quality

Evaluate the quality of the data used in jobs and identify errors using the ArcGIS Validation Service's Evaluate operation.

Manual Step

Create a step with no advanced logic to serve as a placeholder for separate tasks that need to be completed outside of Workflow Manager—for example, fieldwork for GPS data collection, requests pending approval from a manager, or documentation.

Open Pro Project Items

Open one or more project items in an ArcGIS Pro project, such as maps or tasks. If a mapping item is chosen, data layers are pointed to the appropriate branch versions for the job.

Open Web Page

Open web pages and web apps in an integrated Workflow Manager environment for a seamless experience.


Add a decision point to a workflow and define a question to determine the next step in the workflow.

Reconcile and Post

Reconcile and post edits between a branch version and the default version.

Run GP Service

Run geoprocessing tools, ModelBuilder models, and Python scripts that have been published as geoprocessing services.

Run Pro GP Tool

Run geoprocessing tools, Python scripts, or ModelBuilder models in ArcGIS Pro.

Send Email

Send an email notification to one or more recipients.

Send Web Request

Send requests to REST endpoints to get data or post updates.

Set Job Version

Use an existing branch version in the workflow diagram's data source instead of creating a job-specific version.


An optional step that can be used to indicate where a workflow diagram starts and ends.

Survey 123

Collect, view, and edit ArcGIS Survey123 surveys.

Update 1-M Job Properties

Allow the user running the job to create, show, and edit table records in a job's one-to-many properties table.

Update Job Properties

Allow the user running a job to update the job's extended properties.

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