Workflow item versions

Optional workflow item upgrades provide access to the latest features and functionality available for workflow items. Optional upgrades appear as a notification for the workflow item owner in the Notification Center. If you choose to upgrade at a later time, workflow users can continue using the workflow item to complete work in the web app.


Workflow item versions are independent of the Workflow Manager software version and may not reflect the software version in which they were released.

The following is a list of features available after upgrading a workflow item to the latest version:

Workflow item versionFeatureDescription

JobIndex Arcade expression

The JobIndex Arcade expression returns the index value associated with the chronological order of job creation.

Log messages

Access log messages to identify errors and troubleshoot problems in the web app.

Archive closed jobs

Configure a workflow item's job settings to archive closed jobs after a set number of days.

Security updates

Provides enhanced security for incoming webhooks. After upgrading, header secret keys must be configured for all incoming webhooks.

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