Manage job comments

Job comments facilitate job-specific communications between Workflow Manager users and groups. Job comments can be viewed and added to the chosen job in the Details panel on the Manage or Work page.


You can also use the Add Comment step in your workflow diagrams to require comments to be added to jobs.

  1. Access the Workflow Manager web app.
  2. Choose a job in the job list on the Manage or Work page.
  3. In the Details panel, click the Comments tab Comments.

    A list of job comments appears in the Details panel.


    You can type a keyword in the Search Comments text box to filter the list to comments that contain the keyword.


    If you don’t have sufficient privileges, the Comments tab won't appear in the Details panel.

  4. Type a comment in the text box and click the Post button Post.

    The comment is added to the job.

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