Configure job settings

You can configure your workflow item's job settings to automatically archive closed jobs after a set number of days. When a job is archived it cannot be reopened, and all records associated with the job are removed from the jobProgress table.

Complete the following steps to enable job archiving:

  1. Access the Workflow Manager web app.
  2. Click the Design tab.

    The Design page appears.


    If you don't have sufficient privileges, the Design tab is not available.

  3. Click Settings Settings.

    If you don’t have sufficient privileges, Settings Settings is not available.

  4. Click the General Settings tab.
  5. Turn on the Enable Archiving toggle button to enable job archiving.

    Archived jobs cannot be reopened.

  6. Optionally, specify the number of days to archive jobs after they are closed.

    Closed jobs are archived after 30 days by default.

  7. Click Save.