Job template

Available with Workflow Manager license.

A job template is a predefined collection of properties that serve as the starting point for the different types of jobs that can be performed in Workflow Manager. Every job in Workflow Manager is created from a job template and consists of the following components:

  • Workflow diagram—The steps and process that the job follows
  • Job properties—The job's basic project management information, such as the job's schedule, name, assignee, description, and so on
  • Extended properties—The custom properties defined by an organization to facilitate additional information required for specific types of work

When jobs are created, they use the workflow diagram, job properties, and extended properties defined in the job template as the starting point of the work. Job properties and extended properties are usually unique for each job template, but workflow diagrams can be reused across multiple job templates where the process is the same but the work order, maps, or data sources are different.

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