Upgrade workflow items

When features are added to ArcGIS Workflow Manager, workflow items can be optionally upgraded to enable new functionality. This option provides workflow item owners the flexibility to perform upgrades at a convenient time without affecting users' ability to complete work in the system.

When a workflow item upgrade is available, a notification appears in the Notification Center Notification Center for the workflow item owner with sufficient privileges, informing them of the upgrade.


Workflow items created before Workflow Manager Server 11.0 must be upgraded before they can be accessed by workflow item users and groups.

Complete the following steps to upgrade a workflow item:

  1. Access the Workflow Manager web app.
  2. On the My Workflow Items page, click a workflow item to open it.

    The workflow item opens in the Workflow Manager web app.


    If the workflow item was created before Workflow Manager Server 11.0, the Workflow Item Out of Date message appears and you are required to upgrade the workflow item.

  3. If you have a notification in the Notification Center, click Learn More.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Click Upgrade Item to upgrade the item.
    • Click Upgrade Later to cancel and perform the upgrade at a later time.

    Workflow item upgrades can only be performed by the workflow item owner with sufficient privileges. If you choose not to upgrade, the workflow item can be used without new features available.

    When the upgrade is complete, the Item has been upgraded successfully message appears.

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