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ArcGIS for Excel now contains functionality from ArcGIS for Office. Visit ArcGIS for Excel help to get started.

If you have an idea for a new ArcGIS for Office feature, submit it on the ArcGIS Ideas site.

The 2022.1 release of ArcGIS for Office includes the following:

New features

  • You can measure linear distance or an area with the Measure tool. This ArcGIS for Office tool uses the measurement widgets provided by ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
  • You can represent the relationship between two data distributions in the Styling pane. The two variables are classified independently and their combination is represented using a mix of symbol color and size.


  • In software, telemetry is used to gather data about the use and performance of applications and application components, and very detailed data is reported, such as individual window metrics, counts of used features, and individual function timing. ArcGIS for Office gives you the choice to turn telemetry on and off with the Send usage data to Esri toggle button in the EUEI program section in the Settings pane.

  • You can adjust the width and height of widgets and view long attribute or property names in their entirety without needing to move the pointer over the More button to view the full text.
  • Drive time analysis now supports both 12-hour and 24-hour format.
  • The Layers pane now has icons for data sources and type of web layer. In addition, if the added data source has date-time fields, they are indicated by specific icons.
  • You can turn the Time Slider on or off in the Time pane.

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