Select features


Standard users can perform all the functions of this workflow; you do not need to sign in to an ArcGIS account.

Selection tools help with feature or data analysis on the map.

See Selection tools to learn about the tools you can use to select features.

Use the selection tools to identify, locate, and visually analyze a set of features or data on the map.

For example, you can select records in a spreadsheet that correspond to the features selected on the map, or you can filter the spreadsheet to show only the selected features. You can export data from features selected on the map to a .csv file or to a new workbook.

To select features on a map using the selection tools, complete the following steps:

  1. From the Layers list, click Layer optionsLayer options.
  2. Click the Select features button Select features.

    The Select features  pane appears.

  3. Choose a layer from the Active layer  drop-down menu.
  4. Select features using one of the selection tools.

    Infographics cards accept a maximum of 100 locations.


    When selecting point features using a multiple feature selection tool, only features that are completely encompassed by the selection shape are included.


    When the selection tools are active, you cannot pan the map. Click Pan Pan  to cancel drawing and pan the map. To resume selecting, click a selection tool.

    As you use the selection tools, selected features are highlighted on the map. Unselected features on the map are not available.


    If you styled the map using heat map or  clustering, the selection tools and pop-ups are not available. Change the map style and try again.


    When the  time slider on a time-enabled map  is playing the animation, you cannot select features on the map. While the animation is paused, you can select visible features. Click the Play/Pause, Previous, or Next  button, or move the slider handles to view and select features from a different time interval. Previously selected features are cleared when the new time interval appears.

  5. To deselect multiple features, press the Ctrl  key and use a multifeature selection tool to draw a shape around the selected features you want to deselect.

    The features inside the shape are deselected.

  6. To clear the entire selection, click the  Clear selection tool  Clear selection or click an empty area of the basemap or a polygon that does not contain features or data.