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Test an ArcGIS IPS deployment

You can test the positioning performance of an IPS-aware map in Map mode in the ArcGIS IPS Setup app.

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Test the accuracy of an Indoor Positioning Data Service

To test the accuracy of the location indicator in Map mode in IPS Setup, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the IPS Setup app and sign in, if necessary.
  2. Select the map you want to test.

    The selected map opens and the location indicator displays your current location.

  3. Move around IPS-enabled facility.

    Additional location information can be enabled from the user profile, providing more information about the position estimation to IPS testers:

    • Vertical order and Level name are values that describe the floor on which the position is calculated in the facility.
    • Position source reveals which radio signals contribute to the position estimations, including Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, GNSS, and Apple IPS.
    • Network count shows the number of signal sources for the corresponding position estimations, such as beacons for Bluetooth Low Energy, satellites for GNSS, or access points for Wi-Fi.
    • Horizontal accuracy indicates the error in position estimation, measured in meters.

    If the Indoor Positioning Data Service includes positioning data for different floors, the floor plan displayed on the map is updated automatically as you move between floors. The floor filter displays the name of the floor that is visible on the map.

  4. If the location indicator does not accurately display your position as you move throughout the facility, perform quality recordings and use the tools in the Quality Assessment toolset of the Indoor Positioning toolbox in ArcGIS Pro to investigate accuracy issues.
  5. Optionally, perform additional survey recordings in areas where positioning accuracy is low and rerun the Generate Indoor Positioning Dataset tool.

    If the Indoor Positioning Data Service was created without performing surveys, modifications to the ArcGIS IPS network, such as changing the position of the beacons, may improve the positioning performance. If any changes are made, run the Generate Indoor Positioning Dataset tool again to generate a new Indoor Positioning Data Service.

  6. Repeat the testing process until the location indicator accurately displays your position as you move throughout the facility.

Once you have confirmed the accuracy of the Indoor Positioning Data Service, you can enable ArcGIS IPS for your facilities in IPS-enabled mobile apps.