Stream Layer

The Stream Layer feed receives features from an ArcGIS Online stream layer.


  • A user configures a feed referencing a stream layer output from an ArcGIS Velocity real-time analytic.
  • A user adds a publicly accessible ArcGIS GeoEvent Server stream service to ArcGIS Online as a stream layer item and configures a feed referencing that stream layer.

Usage notes

  • The feed will connect to a stream layer's stream service to load features as they are broadcasted by the stream service.
  • In order to load an ArcGIS Enterprise stream layer, you must add the stream service URL as an ArcGIS Online item.
  • When browsing to select a stream layer item, you can filter by your folders, favorites, groups, organization, or all of ArcGIS Online. You can then further filter by Date Modified, Date Created, and Tags.

After configuring feature layer connection properties, see Configure input data to learn how to define the schema and the key properties.


ParameterExplanationData Type

Where Clause

A Where filter is a SQL-like expression to filter features received from the specified stream layer.

Supported operations with stream layers include:

  • ( '<=' | '>=' | '<' | '>' | '=' | '!=' | '<>' )
  • (AND | OR | NOT | LIKE)
  • (IN)

For more information, see The where filter.


Out Fields

A comma-separated list fields from the stream layer to be loaded into Velocity.

If no fields are specified all fields will be loaded. For example:



Output Spatial Reference

The well-known ID (WKID) of a spatial reference.

Velocity will load data from the stream layer in the spatial reference defined by this parameter.

For example:4326



The extent filter for incoming data broadcast by the stream service.

This setting is important if there is a large amount of data outside an area of interest you do not want or need to process.

The geometry must be the EsriJSON Envelope geometry type. For example:

{ "xmin": -104, "ymin": 35.6,
  "xmax": -94.32,
  "ymax": 41, "spatialReference": { "wkid": 4326


Limitations and considerations

  • If the stream layer references an ArcGIS GeoEvent Server stream service, the service must be unsecured.