What's new

The February 2023 update of ArcGIS Velocity includes enhancements and quality improvements. Highlights are provided below.


  • New subscription information is available, providing more insight into your Velocity subscription including version, license level, expiration date, and more.
  • The analytic workflow view is deprecated with this release. Moving forward, use the model view for analytics. In the June 2023 release, the workflow view will be removed from ArcGIS Velocity.
  • Important updates have been made to backend libraries and dependencies.

Feeds, data sources, and outputs

  • A new Geotab (LogRecord) feed type is available, allowing you to periodically poll a Geotab LogRecord database table for real-time automatic vehicle location (AVL) data by sending an HTTP request to a specified URL.
  • The existing Geotab feed type was renamed Geotab (DeviceStatusInfo). This feed periodically polls a Geotab DeviceStatusInfo database table for real-time AVL data by sending an HTTP request to a specified URL.
  • The Amazon S3 and Azure Blob Storage sources can now load data from nested subdirectories.
  • Basic authentication support was added to the HTTP output. This authentication type is already supported in the HTTP feeds and data sources.


  • You can now sample and visualize real-time data, per node, in running real-time analytics, allowing you to better understand how the tools and analytic logic work. For more information about this new capability, see Sample real-time data.
  • A new experience is available for reviewing analytic node-level metrics history, over time, in a graph component. This provides more insight into how the flow through a particular part of an analytic process has changed over time (for real-time analytics), or across different runs of the same analytic (for big data analytics).
  • The Select Fields tool was enhanced to support the removal of geometry from the schema of event data.
  • The Merge Layers tool was enhanced to accept schemas given shared fields and still successfully merge them into the same schema.
  • Track functions were enhanced with support for middle of the array referencing so you can more easily test Arcade scripts as track-aware field calculations are created.