What's new

The November 2022 update of ArcGIS Velocity includes enhancements and quality improvements. Highlights are provided below.

Feeds, data sources, and outputs

  • You can now ingest data from a broader set of third-party APIs, including PurpleAir and OpenSky. Support for the JSON data format is expanded to allow parsing of array structures including ingesting array objects as features or flattening array objects into fields.
  • The HTTP Poller feed type now allows you to configure global variables in the POST body, expanding the options of APIs you can work with in Velocity.
  • The feature layer outputs, Feature Layer (new) and Feature Layer (existing), now allow you to write data to your ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Server feature layers, allowing you to ingest data from external sources and store it in your own environments.
  • When sending data to a hosted feature layer, the 2 events/second feed restriction is changed from an error to a warning message. This allows real-time analytics to be used to filter or otherwise reduce data rate when not storing to Velocity spatiotemporal feature layers.
  • For the Dedicated license level, you can now view a feed's compute utilization on feed details page.


  • The Snap to Network tool now works in real-time, improving the visualization of all your moving assets such as vehicles and personnel.
  • The Calculate Field and Map Fields tools, in your real-time and big data analytics, were enhanced to support track functions via Arcade. This allows you to calculate moving averages, statistics, and more on any attributes and geometry of your data.
  • When working with your analytics, the analytic editor now defaults to the model view.
  • The run settings for runs once (ad hoc) big data analytics are expanded with the Standard and Advanced license levels, making it easier for you to run one-time jobs that load large volumes of data.

Data management and visualization

  • Enhancements to Z value handling and 3D geometries for storage and visualization of your 3D data.