What's new

The June 2020 update of ArcGIS Analytics for IoT includes enhancements and new functionality. Highlights are provided below.

Feeds, data sources, and outputs

  • New output type for sending a Text Message as the result of a real-time or big data analytic.
  • Enhancements to the Website (Poll) feed type and Website (Poll) source type including:
    • Support for defining explicit URL parameters to be included in the HTTP request.
    • For feeds, new global variables representing the timestamp of the current scheduled poll time and the previous poll time, which can be used in submitting queries to external APIs to retrieve only new data.
  • Improved feed metrics on event velocity, attribute velocity, and data size. For more information, see View feed details and status.
  • Enhancements to the MQTT feed type to validate certificates to MQTT brokers over SSL, and to reconnect automatically if broker connectivity is interrupted.
  • Improvements to optimize performance for parsing JSON data, and simplification of JSON data configuration.
  • Configuration wizard improvements for working with Esri feature JSON data to allow alterations to field types and configuration of location and time properties when not identified automatically.


  • New big data analytic tool to Find Similar Locations to identify features which are most similar or least similar to a set of reference features.
  • Enhancements to the Join Features tool to support returning all target features in the result as opposed to only the target features which successfully have a match.
  • Enhancements to the Analytics for IoT application to display metrics in analytics when they are running. Real-time analytics display information about incoming and outgoing data velocity and big data analytics report information on the number of features ingested and produced in the result. For more information, see View analytic details and status.
  • Enhancements to real-time analytics so feeds can be started or stopped without leaving the analytic editor.
  • Improvements to the analytic editor for validation, node connectivity in model view, and synchronizing properties display with selected elements.