What's new

The November 2023 update includes enhancements and new functionality throughout ArcGIS Velocity. Highlights are provided below.


  • The Standard licensing subscription level now allows you to run one scheduled big data analytic. For more information on ArcGIS Velocity licensing options, see Licensing.
  • This release is primarily a quality and performance focused release with improvements throughout the product.
  • Important updates to backend libraries and dependencies.


  • The analytic design interface was enhanced to allow you the ability to scroll and access all visual elements at smaller screen resolutions.
  • Usability enhancements to the Calculate Field, Map Fields, and the summarize tools including a redesign of the table properties and forms to provide a better user experience when configuring the tools.
  • The Detect Incidents tool, when used in real-time analytics, now supports the ability to specify fields from the join layer to add to the target features.
  • In a previous release, the Join Features tool inadvertently added an unnecessary field, any_geometry, to the output schema. With this release, the tool will no longer add the field. If this breaks your analytic, the workaround is to add a Calculate Field tool after the analytic to create a any_geometry field with field type of geometry.

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