What's new

The February 2024 update for ArcGIS Instant Apps includes the new features, app templates, and enhancements listed below. For more information, see the What's new in Instant Apps blog article.

Instant Apps home

  • When viewing an app's description from the home page, some app description examples include a link to a live sample of the use case.


  • In 3D Viewer, Manager, and Media Map, users can view floor-aware maps and you can enable the new Floor filter tool to allow users to filter floor-by-floor data.
  • Language switcher is available in these additional templates: 3D Viewer, Atlas, Attachment Viewer, Basic, and Slider, allowing you to publish a multilingual app that combines your translated custom text and the user interface translations for supported languages. New in February 2024, in all apps where Language switcher is available, you can export text from the translation editor to Microsoft Excel, update the translations, and import the updated text.
  • In some rich text editors in which HTML is supported, you can upload local images from your device to display in places such as an introduction window or a details panel (available in Sidebar, Portfolio, and Countdown).
  • When you configure 3D Viewer, Attachment Viewer, Chart Viewer, Interactive Legend, Media Map, Portfolio, Sidebar, and Slider with an introduction window, the window automatically displays a Don't show this again check box that allows users to hide the modal window the next time they open the app. (This improvement will be added to Nearby and Zone Lookup in a future release.)
  • Most app templates have updated cover page configuration options, allowing you to create a full-size cover page that includes details such as a title, description, and options to include graphics and logos. (This improvement will be added to all apps in a future release.)
  • When using the Export to PDF tool in Exhibit, Insets, Nearby, Sidebar, and Zone Lookup, users can use an enhanced PDF layout with a north arrow and optionally include a custom map area, selected features, and the legend.


  • Reporter (beta) is a new app template that allows users to view and submit issues or observations for a specific area. App viewers can submit reports that are added to the map used in the app. Reporter (beta) also includes a basic set of map exploration tools to help navigate submitted reports in the app.
  • Insets includes Canada with Vancouver Island + East Coast, Canada + Major cities, Republic of Ireland + Dublin, Northern Ireland + Belfast, The Netherlands + Dutch Caribbean, and The Netherlands + Amsterdam and The Hauge predefined layout options. Additionally, predefined layouts have a new set of basemap color choices with an option to disable the ocean color for emphasizing land and thematic layers.
  • Manager is out of beta with an improved mobile interface and support for filtering features by attribute in tables and maps. Manager allows end users to locate, review, and filter records on a map or table and modify data in editable feature layers.
  • Sidebar has a new tool and several enhancements. The Oriented imagery tool allows end users to interact with and visualize imagery taken from any angle—including oblique, bubble, street-side, inspection, and 360-degree images. When using this tool, users can click a location on the map and use provided tools for exploring available oriented images in that area. Sidebar also includes the option for app creators to choose between the new default feature pop-up panel or the classic feature pop-up panel. The new feature panel includes the ability to view related records and aggregated pop-ups for clustered features.
  • Slider supports a configuration option that automatically plays the slider animation when the app is launched. In addition, Slider supports attribute filtering, so you can set up either Predefined or User input filters to refine layer features based on certain attributes.