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The June 2021 update for ArcGIS Instant Apps includes the new features, templates, and enhancements listed below. For more information, see What's new in Instant Apps.

  • You can now access Instant Apps from the Create app menu when creating apps from the Content page and map item pages in ArcGIS Online. You can choose an app template by searching app capabilities, and when created from the item page, you can preview the apps with your map and publish instantly using default settings.
  • Use the new My Apps tab to manage the apps you've created and create apps based on the template or settings used by your existing apps.


  • The new Countdown (beta) template displays a list of locations in a map ranked by values for a specified field. You can provide a summary for the ranked locations and information about the feature order. App users can pin feature information to compare and contrast with other features in the ranked list.
  • Portfolio is out of beta. This template allows you to showcase a set of related ArcGIS content and files in a single app with a suite of tools, including autoplay, navigation, and the ability to set a common starting location in the maps. You can now add a cover page and social sharing tools. Additional content types are supported, including Hub sites, image and PDF files, and URLs to videos on the web.
  • Nearby includes a new search method to find results by map extent and users can share individual results by copying a link that opens the app to the current map extent with the selected feature details shown in the results panel. The intro panel has been updated, including an option to disable it and there's a new option to add a cover page.

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