The system and account requirements for creating apps with ArcGIS Instant Apps are listed below.

Supported browsers

The following browsers are supported. Use the latest version for best performance.

  • Google Chrome version 107 and later
  • Microsoft Edge version 107 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 109 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 102 (ESR)
  • Safari version 15 and later


To prevent your browser's ad blocker extension or other content blocker (such as uBlock Origin) from blocking the Instant Apps configuration window, disable the ad blocker extension or add your ArcGIS organization URL to the allow list as a trusted site.

The apps you create are designed responsively to be used in browsers on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. The apps have also been developed with support for keyboard–only navigation and screen reading software.


To create apps with Instant Apps, you must sign in with an ArcGIS account. If you have an ArcGIS organizational account, you need a user type with privileges to create content.

Anyone, including anonymous users, can view apps that have been shared with the public. Viewing an app that isn't shared publicly requires signing in as a member of an ArcGIS organization.


Despite your user type, administrators can block organization access to Instant Apps, including all the created apps. (Apps shared with the public can still be accessed anonymously.)

Supported languages

Instant Apps supports all languages that ArcGIS Online supports.

Apps created with Instant Apps are designed to be shared with any audience. The apps are developed to detect the locale settings configured in the browser and to translate text to the appropriate language.

The language used by Instant Apps is determined by your browser's language setting.