Does ArcGIS Instant Apps replace ArcGIS Configurable Apps?

ArcGIS Instant Apps is the next generation of configurable web mapping apps. All Instant Apps templates use the latest ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x components. ArcGIS Configurable Apps will continue to be available but will eventually be moved into mature support and retired. Many Configurable Apps templates have already been migrated to use the Instant Apps configuration experience, and more are planned to be migrated in the future.

Can I use subscriber and premium content as a data source in an app shared with the public?

Yes. When you publish your app, a proxy is automatically created for subscriber content and you'll be prompted to authorize premium content so anonymous users don't need to sign in to access the content if you share the app publicly. Authorizing premium content will consume credits based on the number of times your app is viewed.

How do I choose an app template?

The purpose of each template is described in the app description window, which also lists example use cases. Use the Suggestions feature on the home page to filter the templates gallery based on the goal of your app, the data you're using, and your audience. You can use the search box to find templates based on key tools and capabilities that you want to include in your app. Refer to Template capabilities to learn about common options in the apps and to access tables that compare what's available in each template.

For an alphabetical table that compares the configurable capabilities, see the app tools matrix (PDF). (Beta templates are excluded until the template is out of beta and ready to be used in production apps.)

You can preview the templates with your map, scene, or group to try it out before creating the app. When you view the home page with preselected content, the app cards display a message if your data doesn't meet the requirements of the template. The preview will show you the default settings. Once you create the app, you can add or remove tools and capabilities in the configuration window before publishing and sharing your app. For inspiration, see the example apps in the Instant Apps Gallery, which you can filter using categories such as template or industry. If you're still unsure which template to use, consider asking in Esri Community. You can also provide feedback to the product team by using the Send us feedback option in the Suggestions panel of the home page.

Can I create a copy of an app?

Yes, you can save a copy of apps that you create with Instant Apps. On the My Apps tab, click the Save a copy button on the app card. A new app is created and added to your content. This option allows you to create a backup or use a copy of an existing app as a template for a new one. You can also click the Choose button to create and configure a new app using the same template and settings as an existing app but with different content. In the configuration window, you can use the Create a copy button to save a copy of the app and its current settings, with the option to open the new app's configuration or continue working in the original app.

Can I download an app template?

No, Instant Apps doesn't support downloading the app templates.

How do I track usage?

Enable web analytics to track individual apps with Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics.

As of the February 2023 update, organization administrators can also track Instant Apps usage by member in the Apps section of the ArcGIS Online status dashboard or by running activity reports. Any usage and activity prior to the February 2023 update will continue to be logged with the aggregate app name ArcGIS Online Web App. In the activity reports, the clientId value is arcgisWebApps before the February 2023 update, and arcgisinstantapps after the update.

What does beta mean?

Beta components and features may have incomplete functionality or documentation, may undergo minor unannounced changes, and are subject to change without notice. Beta components and features are usually available in English only. If you have issues or are experiencing problems with any of the beta functionality, post about it in Esri Community.

What does it mean when an Instant Apps template is labeled deprecated?

An Instant Apps template is moved to deprecated status when an improved comparable template replaces it. When a template is moved to deprecated status, existing apps you created with it continue to work and remain accessible to users. You can still edit the app configuration, but it won't get code updates with new functionality or bug fixes. For example, deprecated app templates are not updated to support browser changes or changes in ArcGIS that affect app functionality. Deprecated templates are removed from the Create tab of the Instant Apps home page, and the options for creating apps from existing apps are no longer available on the My Apps tab. The template item details will indicate that the template is deprecated and will point you to the recommended replacement template, if applicable.

Where can I learn more about the accessibility compliance of Instant Apps?

The results for the latest evaluation of Instant Apps are available through the Esri Accessibility Conformance Report. Refer to the main Accessibility page for more information about the Esri commitment to accessibility, answers to common questions, and access to the latest available product conformance reports.

How can I provide feedback to the Instant Apps team?

If you have feedback or inquiries, you can use Esri Community. (You can access this link from the configuration window by clicking the Information button in the vertical toolbar.) If you are experiencing issues, contact Esri Technical Support.