Administer Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise and Insights in ArcGIS Online

There are several settings that need to be set by the administrator of an organization before Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise or Insights in ArcGIS Online can be used by members of the organization. The settings include granting licenses and privileges to the necessary members of the organization.

Insights user

There are several privileges that are required to use Insights, as well as some that are recommended or only required for certain functions.

Required user types and privileges


ArcGIS Enterprise licensing changed at the 10.7 release. Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise users with ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 or earlier require a Level 2 account, rather than a user type.

Insights users must have one of the following user types:

  • Insights Analyst
  • Creator
  • GIS Professional

The following privileges are also required to use Insights:

  • Use maps and apps
  • Create content
  • Publish hosted web layers
  • Perform analysis

The required privileges are included in the Publisher and Administrator roles. They can also be granted through custom roles. Every organization must have at least one member with Administrator privileges.

Suggested privileges

The following are required to perform certain functions in Insights, but are not required to use the application. It is suggested that all Insights users have these privileges to make use of all of the functionality in Insights.


The Geocoding privilege is required to enable location on a dataset using the Address method. All default roles (Viewer, Data Editor, User, Publisher, and Administrator) include the Geocoding privilege.


The GeoEnrichment privilege is required to use Enrich Data. The User, Publisher, and Administrator roles include the GeoEnrichment privilege.


Insights licenses must be granted to users before they can access Insights. Learn more about managing licenses in the ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise help.

The Insights Analyst user type includes an Insights license.

Insights viewer

Users without an Insights license can still open Insights in viewer mode to access pages and workbooks that have been shared with them if they have an Essential Apps Bundle and any user type. Publicly shared pages can be seen by anyone, including users who do not have an ArcGIS account, provided the user has access to the URL for the shared page in the Page Viewer, or the page is embedded into a public forum such as a web page or story map.

For ArcGIS Enterprise users, security features like firewalls may also impact your ability to share pages to the public.


If your organization uses ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 and earlier, users without an Insights license can open Insights in viewer mode if they are a Level 1 or 2 user.

For more information, see Who can see your page.


Use the following resource to learn more about licensing in Insights: