Share an app using ArcGIS Online

Complete these steps to share an app:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online account.
  2. Find these items under My Content or My Organization:
    • GeoBIM app (Type: GeoBIM application)
      After you share a GeoBIM App, its associated app datasource will not be shared. This requires you to share the associated app datasource (web map or web scene) using ArcGIS Online.
    • App datasource (Type: web map, web scene or dashboard)

      App datasource can be accessed by clicking on the information button Details on the GeoBIM app.

      The Dashboard item is only for Issue Dashboard apps and can be found in your ArcGIS Online contents only if you created an Issue Dashboard app.

    • Feature Service (Type: Feature layer)

      The feature layer contains Documents (polygon layer), Issues (point layer), Schedules (polygon layer), BIMProjects (polygon layer), Accounts (table), Links (table) and Jobs (table).

  3. Click the share button on the right of the items and choose one of the following sharing options:
    • Owner—Only the project owner can access the project.
    • Organization—All members of the organization can access the project.
    • Everyone (Public)—People outside of the organization can access the project.
    • Group—The selected groups within your organization can access the project.