Export data

When you export data from CityEngine, you can move it into other 3D authoring tools, publish it on ArcGIS Online, or transform it into a user experience on the web or in virtual reality (VR). Each layer type can be exported into a variety of data types.

  • For the most common use cases for exporting in CityEngine, click File > Export Models. Use the Export Models dialog box to export CGA models, manually drawn shape models, static models, and terrain meshes into a variety of file formats.
  • Click File > Exportto access additional export methods, as well as the methods from the Export Models dialog box.

The following table lists the data types that can be exported from CityEngine layer types:

Layer typeExport data type




Image, mesh





  • Exporting projects and scenes to share data with another CityEngine user or locally between workspaces is not covered in this section.
  • A 360 VR experience is a type of export format that can include entire scenes and is independent of layer types.