Shape edge tools

You can find additional shape tools under Shapes in the main menu.

Compute First/Street Edges

This operation automatically calculates the first edges and street width attributes of the selected shapes. The tool finds the nearest street (within 100 meters) for every edge of a shape. The corresponding street width attribute is set to the width of the nearest street. The edge closest to a street is set as the first edge (edge 0).

Compute Edge Attributes

The Compute Edge Attributes tool computes orientation and street adjacency attributes for each edge of a shape.

Set First Edge

This operation sets the first edge of a face to the currently selected edge. This step is often needed to orient a face's zero edge toward a street (for example, for placing a building's front correctly). If a face is selected, the highlighted gradient line indicates the first edge (with gradient from vertex 0 to vertex 1).

Set Street Edges

This operation marks selected edges as street edges. More specifically, it sets the street width object attribute array to 1 for selected edge indices. When mapped to a CGA rule, the streetWidth() attribute can be used to identify edges or faces that are facing a street. (See also the comp operation in CGA reference.)