Cameras preferences

The following are the Camera preferences:

Cameras preferences page
The Cameras preferences page is shown.

Configure cameras

Camera configurations have the following options:

Camera schematic
The Camera schematic is shown.
  • Perspective—If selected, the camera gives a perspectively correct image. If not selected, the camera operates in orthogonal mode where parallel edges also appear as parallel lines in the 3D viewport. You can switch between perspective and orthogonal mode by pressing P or selecting Orthogonal View from the Focal Length menu.
  • Angle of view—The width of the field of view. Additional predefined angles of view corresponding to specific focal lengths are accessible from the Focal Length menu.
  • Rotate/Translate—These values position and orient the camera. You can enter a world coordinate position for the camera as well as a specific rotation of the camera.
  • Distance to Point of Interest (POI)—This value corresponds to the distance between the camera and the POI. The POI is also the center of rotation and thus the distance to the POI defines the radius of the camera rotation.

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