CGA features

The following table of CGA features includes information about typical constructs, CGA syntax, and helpful features. CGA operations are described in Essential shape operations.

Rule with parameters

Pass multiple strings, numbers, or Boolean values from a rule to its successors.

Conditional rule

Call different successor rules based on conditions.

Stochastic rule

Call different successor rules at random. The likelihood of each successor can be controlled by percentages.

CGA attributes

Global variables used to store values in multiple rules. You can modify them in the rule file or the Inspector window.

CGA styles

A style is a specific combination of values for a set of attributes. You can switch between styles in the Inspector window.

CGA functions

Encapsulate code so that it can be used by multiple rules. This helps to avoid duplicated code.

Local variables

Store intermediate values in local variables.

Rule file import

Import rule files to get access to all rules, functions, and attributes.


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