Use partnered collaborations

With collaborations, you can extend the reach of your GIS content by seamlessly sharing maps, apps, layers, and more with other organizations. Collaborations are based on a foundation of trust between participating organizations and are typically motivated by common goals and initiatives.

Two types of collaborations can be established with other organizations: partnered collaborations and distributed collaborations. The information provided below describes how content is shared in a partnered collaboration. To learn about sharing content in a distributed collaboration, see Use distributed collaborations.

Creating a partnered collaboration establishes trust between ArcGIS Online organizations so that content can be securely shared. Once administrators have created a partnered collaboration, users can share content with members of collaborating organizations using groups. After sharing, content can be viewed and updated by participating members.


To learn more about the benefits of partnered collaboration and how to set up a partnered collaboration in ArcGIS Online, see the blog article, The Power of Partnered Collaboration in ArcGIS Online.

Collaboration groups

Sharing content with partnered organizations is done through groups. If your organization has partnerships established, the option to include members of your organization and of partnered organizations is available for newly created groups.

In a partnered collaboration, each organization designates members as collaboration coordinators to represent their organization. Collaboration coordinators can create and manage groups, including shared update groups used for collaborating, and invite members from their organizations to those groups. Members have their affiliated organization listed so you can see which organizations have members in the group.

Sharing content

When you share an item with a group, you allow other members of the group to access the item. If the group is designated as a shared update group, items that are shared with the group can be edited by all group members. Each organization in a partnered collaboration continues to own and manage its own content while allowing the other group members to view and contribute content.

Once content has been shared with a group in a partnered collaboration, participants can share the content again inside or outside their organization, including in any other collaborations in which they participate. Participants can also use shared items to create new content, such as maps and apps.