Share maps (Map Viewer)

You can share maps you create in Map Viewer with your organization, specific groups, or the public.

Share a map from Map Viewer, as described below, or share the map from its item details page.

Share a map in Map Viewer

While you're creating or editing a map that you own, you can also share it, provided that you have privileges to share content. Organization administrators can also share a web map while the map is open in Map Viewer.

To share a map while you have the map open, complete the following steps:

  1. With the map open in Map Viewer, click Share map Share map on the Contents (dark) toolbar.
  2. Choose a sharing level for the map.
  3. Optionally, click Edit group sharing to share the map with one or more groups, and click OK.
  4. Click Save.

If there are layers in the map that are not shared with the correct audience, the Review sharing dialog box appears with messages for each layer indicating its accessibility status. Click the messages to view a more detailed message and item details for each layer.

If you are the layer owner or an organization administrator, you can click Update sharing to synchronize the layer's sharing configuration with the map. Alternatively, you can click View full details to open a layer's item details page and update its sharing level in the Share section of the Overview tab. If you cannot update the sharing configuration for a layer, take note of the layer owner—which is displayed below the item summary—and contact the owner to ask if they can alter the sharing level for the layer.

Considerations for sharing maps

Keep the following in mind when you share maps:

  • The layers in the map must also be shared. For example, if you share the map with your organization, but the map contains layers that are only shared with specific groups, members outside those groups will not have access to the layers when they open the map, and the map will appear empty.

    The sharing status of the layers in the map is displayed in the Share section of the Overview tab on the map's item details page.

  • For a map to be accessible to the public (and if your organization allows sharing outside the organization), you must share it with everyone. To do this, click the Share map button and select Everyone (public). You can also use the share option on the My Content tab of the content page. Again, ensure that the layers in the map are also shared with everyone.
  • If your organization does not allow anonymous access, share the public URL to the map (<map_id>) rather than the URL that includes your organization name (https://<organization_name>/apps/mapviewer/index.html?webmap=<map_id>.
  • You can create an app with a map from the My Content tab of the content page or from Map Viewer using the Create app button Create app.
  • To share a map publicly that contains subscriber content or premium content, you can create a map-based app and configure it to allow access to the content through your organizational subscription. (Your subscription will incur any credit costs.)