Use bookmarks

In ArcGIS Earth, you can capture a map or scene of interest, and add it to the bookmarks. You can then export and share it to tell an interactive story with the information on the globe.

A 3D bookmark identifies a particular camera perspective that you want to save and refer to later. The information captured in a bookmark includes basemaps, layer visibility, daylight settings, camera position, extents, and pop-up descriptions. You can add the slide shared from the web scene or a web map with a different view to tell an interactive story.

To navigate through these locations, click the thumbnails of the bookmarks. You can change the order, rename, update, remove, and manage bookmarks as a group for presentation. You can also use the description in a bookmark's pop-up window to highlight information in the view that you want others to see.

Create bookmarks

 The bookmarks store the state of the scene, including camera position (or extent of your scene), the daylight settings, the selected basemap, and the status of the visibility checks in the Layers menu. This means you can  create a spatial bookmark for a specific point in time, such as a hurricane's location on a particular day. If you change views in your scene or change layer visibility, you can click this slide to return your scene to the state you previously saved in the slide.

To add bookmarks to ArcGIS Earth and begin editing, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Bookmarks Bookmarks on the toolbar to open bookmarks.
  2. Select a bookmark group in the panel.
  3. Navigate to an area of interest, adjust perspective, and click Add Add to save the current view as a bookmark.

    A bookmark thumbnail is automatically generated, allowing you to preview and identify the saved view quickly.

  4. Click the bookmark and zoom to the view you created.

Create a bookmark group

You can import the current web map's bookmarks and presentation or the web scene's slides into ArcGIS Earth.These items are converted directly to the bookmark group to build an animation.

To create a bookmark group in ArcGIS Earth, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Bookmarks Bookmarks on the toolbar to open bookmarks.
  2. Click Add Add in the bookmark panel to create a bookmark group.
  3. Click the text area on the bookmark group tab and provide a name for the group.

Manage bookmarks

  Once bookmarks have been created, you can edit them using the edit button  Edit. You can rename, update, remove, or reorder a selected bookmark as follows:

  • Rename—In the text area, type a new name for the bookmark and press Enter.
  • Reorder—Drag a selected bookmark to reorder it.
  • Edit—Click Edit each bookmark to open the editing panel.
    • Image source—Click  Edit image source  and provide an image for the bookmark.
    • Description—Provide a title and detailed explanation for the bookmark.
    • Transitions—Drag the duration slider left or right to specify the length of transition. Drag the After slider bar or type a number in the text box to set a certain number of seconds before moving to the next bookmark.
  • Update—Click to select a bookmark and zoom to its current view. Adjust the perspective and click the update button  Update  to refine the view. The thumbnail of the bookmark is updated as well.
  • Remove—Click the remove button  Remvoe   to delete a selected bookmark.

Bookmarks tour

You can play a tour of bookmarks by sequence, starting from the selected bookmark. The play button Play is enabled once you've added a bookmark.

Select the bookmark that you want to start the tour. ArcGIS Earth automatically loops playback in a group. Once the animation begins, you can click the speed button to speed up or slow down playback. During playback, an indicator of bookmark player progress appears at the button of the bookmark thumbnail. Click the stop button  Pause  or click in the scene to stop the tour.

Export bookmarks

ArcGIS Earth supports exporting bookmark groups in the format of KMZ files or image files. You can share bookmarks by clicking Export Export on the bookmark panel.

Export bookmarks as KMZ

To export bookmarks as KMZ files, complete the following steps:

  1. Determine bookmark groups that need to be exported in the panel.

    Export as KMZ is selected by default.

  2. Click the Export button and specify file name and file location.

    You receive an export result with the file location path, which you can click to check the exported KMZ file.

Export bookmarks as images

To export bookmarks as an image files, complete the following steps

  1. In the Export panel, select Export as Image.
  2. Adjust the Duration slider to determine the maximum rendering time for every bookmark. Hover over the Info button Info for a detailed definition.
  3. Select a bookmark group in the panel.

    The current active bookmark group is selected by default.

  4. Click the Export button and specify the file location.

    The exported images are saved in a folder with the name of the selected bookmark group.

    A window showing progress pops up automatically. You will later receive an export result with the file location path, which you can click to check exported images.

  • When exporting bookmarks as images, 30 seconds is the lower limit of rendering duration for exporting a single bookmark.
  • A bookmark that includes data sources from the web may take longer to render.
  • When exporting bookmarks as images, you can export only one group at a time.

Save bookmarks

Bookmarks are saved in the ArcGIS Earth workspace in JSON format. You can load and share bookmarks by importing and exporting a workspace. See Save to a workspace directory for more information.