Sneak peek

ArcGIS AppStudio is in constant development to improve as a platform for you to create, build, and share your apps. Here you'll find a short list of what's being worked on for the future.

In beta

These features have limited availability in the released product, but more work is required for them to become documented and supported features. You are invited to try them and provide your feedback.

  • Deep learning plugin
  • Metadata attributes for JPEG images
  • Scripting and expression support
  • Access to device's native camera app
  • Access to operating system accessibility settings such as font scaling, high contrast, and voice-over
  • Access to the app permission settings screen on iOS and Android to manage permission access levels
  • Native file browser for all platforms
  • Email composer
  • Syntax highlighter to change text color and font based on programming language

For additional details, search for beta posts on the Esri Community for AppStudio.

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