3D Scene Viewer

Using the 3D Scene Viewer template, you can create apps that allow users to view online 3D web scenes or offline mobile scene packages (MSPKs).

When you create an app from this template, you provide a title to create the app. Use the Settings tool to customize your scene viewer.


The requirements for the 3D Scene Viewer template are as follows:

  • When using an online web scene, its version must be 1.10.0 or later, and viewingMode must be set to global. For more information, see Introduction to web scenes.
  • Web scenes can be public or secured. To access a secured web scene in your ArcGIS Online organization or ArcGIS Enterprise portal using OAuth2, register your app and provide a client ID. For more information, see Sign your app. By default, only public web scenes appear in the 3D Scene Viewer gallery. To access secured scenes, click Settings > Licensing > Register, and provide a client ID. Then click Sign In on the side menu to sign in to your 3D Scene Viewer app.
  • Due to licensing restrictions in the default template, if you're using offline MSPKs, you must sign in to your portal or organizational account to access the MSPK, unless it was created using the ArcGIS Pro Publisher extension with anonymous use enabled. For more information about MSPKs, see Share a mobile scene package in the ArcGIS Pro documentation.
  • Optionally, you can configure bookmarks in the web scene to use the bookmark feature.

Customize your app

Once you create an app, you can customize it by changing the app settings.

Start AppStudio and in the side panel, click Settings > Properties. The following table lists the contents of the tabs on the Scene Viewer Properties tab, sorted by the tab on which they appear, and their purposes. They can also be modified directly in the appinfo.json file. If you change any of these properties, click Apply to save them before starting your app again.

Branding page contents

PropertyJSON nameTypeDescription

Start button text



Text to use for the start button

Branding color


String (color value)

The primary color

Branding text color


String (color value)

The text color

Base font size



The base font size used throughout the app

Gallery title



The text on the gallery page header

General page contents

PropertyJSON nameTypeDescription

Portal URL



The URL of the ArcGIS portal to query for web scenes or MSPKs.

Sign in required


Boolean (true|false)

Require the user to sign in to the configured portal before using the app. The default is false.

Search query



Enter an ArcGIS query to select web scenes or MSPKs to display in the gallery. This can be any valid string such as USA, a valid item ID such as id:eb4dab9e61b24fe2919a0e6f7905321e, a valid group ID such as group:12f313ccf0094f49802167d001a3bb12, or a search query such as id:eb4dab9e61b24fe2919a0e6f7905321e OR id:31874da8a16d45bfbc1273422f772270.