Dynamic job properties

Use ArcGIS Arcade expressions to dynamically populate input values throughout a workflow. For example, you can use an Arcade expression to assign steps to specific users or groups based on the result of a step or send notification emails that contain job-specific information. Every input value that supports Arcade expressions appears with the This input supports Arcade Expressions This input supports Arcade expressions context menu that contains a list of expressions that can be added to its associated text box.

Use nested Arcade expressions to modify the output of other expressions. For example, use the following Text and Date functions to convert the output of the JobDueDate expression from epoch time to a more readable date format:

Text(Date(JobDueDate($Job)), 'dddd, MMMM D, Y')

To combine plain text and Arcade expressions, format the text as follows:

'Plain text' + ArcadeExpression() + 'plain text'

The following table contains an overview of the different categories of Arcade expressions specific to Workflow Manager:


Job property functions

Retrieve job information managed by ArcGIS Workflow Manager.

Extended property functions

Retrieve custom business-specific information from extended properties tables.

Location functions

Retrieve job location information.

Settings functions

Retrieve user-defined settings.

Workflow functions

Retrieve output values and past step assignment information.

A complete list of Arcade functions and global variables can be found on the ArcGIS Developer site. The This input supports Arcade Expressions This input supports Arcade expressions context menu contains the following expressions from the Arcade Function Index list:

NameArcade ExpressionDescription

Current Portal


Returns the current active portal.

Current User Details

var u = GetUser($currentPortal); return u['<key 1>'] + u['<key 2>']

Returns properties of the current user.

Current User Email


Returns the current user's email address.

Current User ID


Returns the current user's ID.

Current Username


Returns the current user's username.

Get User Details

var u = GetUser($currentPortal, '<username>'); return u['<key1>'] + u['<key2>']

Returns properties of a specified user.

Get User Email

GetUser($currentPortal, '<username>')['email']

Returns a specified user's email address.

Get Username

GetUser($currentPortal, '<username>')['username']

Returns a specified user's username.

User Groups


Returns the ArcGIS organization group IDs for the current user.

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