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Share survey results

In the Collaborate page, accessible through the navigation at the top of the page, you can determine who gets access to your survey and its results.

Share the results of your survey

After taking in the results from your survey, and viewing them in a number of ways, you can now share your results with others.

This can be done in the Viewer tab of the Collaborate page. From here, you can choose who to share your survey with.

Options in Collaborate tab

Everyone (Public) allows access to anyone who wants to see the results of your survey.

Members of my organization allows all users of any level within your organization to see your results.

Following Groups allows you to choose which groups created by your organization have access to your results; this can include people outside of your organization. In the example above, there is only one group, for basemaps. Sharing to a group will also share the feature report templates associated with this survey, which are stored as items in the survey folder. Refer to Create a group for more information.

Once your preferred sharing option has been selected, click Save on the lower right of the page. The people you've shared the survey to will be able to open its results from their own My Surveys page.

Print survey results

In the View Settings box on the left of the Analyze page are two buttons. Click the Set Visibility button to open a checklist of questions, sorted by group. Uncheck any question, and it will be removed from the display of questions in the Analyze page.

This will allow you to narrow down your display for the Print Current View button, which will print only visible questions as they currently appear. You can also change the appearance of individual questions, including hiding the results table and categories with no responses in them, which will also carry through to the printout.