View your results

From the Survey123 website, you can view any results submitted to your survey, including analyzing the results through graphs, viewing the results on a map, and downloading all collected responses.

Analyze results

You can visualize and explore the results of your survey on the Analyze page of the Survey123 website. The Analyze page summarizes your survey data in charts and tables, providing insight into your survey responses and helping you to identify trends.

Use the Navigation dialog box to hide and show questions, as well as quickly navigate to questions in the survey. You can also filter responses by content or date submitted.

The visualizations available for each survey question depend on the question type. Supported question types and their visualizations are as follows:

Question typeVisualization types


Word cloud view and individual responses

Single choice

Column, bar, and pie charts and the map view

Multiple choice

Column and bar charts


Column, bar, and pie charts and the map view


Histogram chart


Line chart

Date and time

Histogram chart




Column, bar and pie charts and the map view

Visualization settings

Some question types have additional settings to further control the way responses are presented.

When using the word cloud view for text questions, there is a setting to exclude stop words such as the and is. This option is only available in English.

For numeric questions, you can choose one of five classification methods: Equal interval, Natural breaks (Jenks), Quantile, Standard deviation, and Manual interval, with the default method being Equal interval. You can drag the dividers between the classes to set your own class breaks, which sets the method to Manual interval if not already selected.

For ranking questions, there are settings to show and hide specific answers, as well as altering the score allocated to each possible answer. By default, the first answer in a response is given the highest score, with each answer afterward scored successively less. For example, in a ranking question with five choices, the choice selected first in a response gets a score of 5, the choice after that a 4, and so on. You can modify these scores on the Analyze page, including associating a value of 0 to answers that you don't want factored into results.

Print current view

Click the Navigation button to open a checklist of questions, sorted by group. Uncheck any question to remove it from the display of questions on the Analyze page. Show All and Hide All options are also available.

This allows you to narrow down your display for the Print current view button, which prints only visible questions as they currently appear. You can also change the appearance of individual questions, including hiding the results table and categories with no responses in them, which also carries through to the printout.

View all data

On the Data page of the Survey123 website, you can also use the data table to view all collected records in your survey.

The data table lists the answers to all questions using one column for each question. If your survey uses repeats, the answers to questions within those repeats will be available in another tab of the table view. The Layer List icon in the upper-right of the map view allows you to show or hide any tables in the feature layer, while the drop-down menu in the upper right of the table view allows you to check whether or not selecting a record will also select related records. If you check Form view, clicking a record also shows answers to all the questions for that record, including attachments, to the right of the table. In the form view section, you can also choose to print the results, as well as open the Settings menu to select whether or not to display related repeat records or the display size of any attached images.

The individual response panel also provides an Edit button, to allow the survey owner or users who have been given permission to edit their own features to edit existing records. The survey owner can also edit responses in the data table by double-clicking an individual field.

For spatial analysis, click Open in Map Viewer. You can also download the results.

Download results

The three scenarios where downloading your survey data is useful are as follows:

  • Analysis in third-party tools—Stata, SPSS, SAS, Tableau, and Microsoft Excel are examples of the many tools available to analyze data. You can download data captured with ArcGIS Survey123 in formats that these tools understand, such as CSV. You can also download your data in shapefile and file geodatabase formats if you want to use GIS tools compatible with these formats.
  • Backup—Download the data you capture so you have an extra copy.
  • Enterprise integration—Download your data so you can load it into your own database (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and so on) or refine it before you bring it into your own enterprise system.

To download your data using the Survey123 website, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Survey123 website. Sign in to your ArcGIS organizational account.

    Using ArcGIS Online

    Go to and click Sign In.

    Using ArcGIS Enterprise

    Go to (where host, domain, and webadaptor are replaced by information about your portal) and click Sign In.

  2. Under the title for your survey, click the Data button.
  3. Choose the output format you want to use (CSV, Excel, KML, shapefile, or file geodatabase) and download your data.

When referring to values from choice lists, CSV files and Excel spreadsheets store the name value rather than the label of the choice.