Known issues that can occur while using the Survey123 website to analyze data or prepare reports are described below.

Print reports

When printing reports, you may choose to configure the appearance of the report using a report template. Some common errors encountered with report templates and when printing reports are listed in the following table:

Error descriptionDiagnosis

Field ${fieldName} does not exist or cannot be found in the current parsing scope.

The displayed field cannot be found in the underlying feature layer or does not reside in the current repeat section. Be sure to enter the correct field name (which is case-sensitive) or move it to the correct location in the template.

Filter expression after the | symbol is not supported. For example, Filter size:300:200 is not supported.

The filter is not supported by the question type. For example, you cannot use size:300:200 for a text question, as it is designed to change the size of an image. Be sure to use the correct filter for the corresponding question type.

Unauthorized: Negotiate, NTLM

This error happens when trying to print a report when using an Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) portal. IWA isn't supported by the report printing service.

The maximum number of records allowed in one printing request is 1000; there are currently 2277 records selected.

The report printing system can only allow 1000 reports in a single printing request. Consider dividing up your request into smaller batches.

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