Print survey results

In addition to printing the analyzed results of your survey (see Share survey results), you can also display and print survey response data on and from the Survey123 website, respectively.

Print individual survey results

Highlight an individual survey response by selecting either its entry in the data table or its point on the embedded map view. The individual form view appears, displaying the information from the survey as it was entered, in groups if they exist. Select the Print button in the form view to print the individual response.

Print reports

The Report tool allows you greater control over the presentation of your results. You can also print multiple records at once, either separately or in a single report. To configure the appearance of a report, see Report templates.

If the records you want to select are adjacent to each other in the table view of the Data tab, select the first record, press the Shift key, and select the last record of your selection in the table view. All records between the first and last will be selected. You can also use the Ctrl key to select multiple records that are not adjacent to each other. When you click the Report tool at the top of the Data tab, the number of selected records is shown.

You can also select multiple records to print using a date range or filter. You can select the default date ranges of Today, Last 7 days, or Last 30 days from the drop-down list or enter a custom date range. You can filter your records by attribute values or whether the location is within the current map extent.

When printing more than one record, you can choose File options to determine how the records will be printed. Multiple records can be printed as either separate reports or multiple records in a single report. A report file that contains multiple records is separated into multiple files if the file size exceeds 512 MB. If you are printing multiple records in a single report, the order respects the sorted result in the table on the Data tab. When printing multiple reports at once, you can select whether the reports are separated by page breaks or follow directly from each other.

Printing reports is an ArcGIS Online Premium Service and consumes credits. A minimum cost of 0.5 credits is charged. Once multiple survey records are included in a report, the report is charged 0.5 credits per survey record. Any related records of a single survey record can be included in the report at no extra charge. Additionally, the user performing a paid operation must be assigned a User role that includes the Feature report privilege. For more information, see Configure member roles.

Printing reports in ArcGIS Enterprise does not consume credits but does have limitations.

To test your report without consuming credits, click Preview sample report. This generates watermarked PDF documents for up to 20 features at a time at no credit cost.

Use Report name to specify a name for each output report file. Report names support the use of the same placeholders as the report templates. Adding a placeholder to the report name can help distinguish each report file. Simple expressions can also be used with a placeholder, for example, format for date questions. In the case of multiple reports, the report name applies to the individual report files, not the containing .zip archive. This example uses both a numeric field and a date field to dynamically populate a report name:

Inspection Report - Asset ${asset_id} - ${inspect_date | format: "YYYYMMDD"}


Placeholders are not supported for merged report names. The Report name field only supports placeholders for text, number, date, time, select one, and select multiple fields.

When printing reports, you must specify a folder in your ArcGIS Online account (folder specification is not a requirement in ArcGIS Enterprise) where the printed reports will be saved. Once report printing starts, you can monitor the progress in the Recent tasks panel or leave the page and return to it at a later time to view progress. The Recent tasks panel shows the last 10 print tasks.


A print task listed in the Recent tasks panel that has not reached the status of Uploading can be cancelled by clicking the Cancel button. Credits are not charged for cancelled print tasks. Once the print task is shown as completed, it can be deleted from the Recent tasks panel but the generated report will not be deleted.

You can print reports as either a Microsoft Word file (.docx) or a PDF file (.pdf). Select your preferred file format from the Format drop-down menu.


If your template uses a font that isn't recognized by the PDF report engine, this font is substituted. This can be fixed by embedding your required fonts in your .docx report template.