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Print survey results

In addition to the option to print the analyzed results of your survey (see Share survey results), the Survey123 website can also display and print the data from survey responses.


Currently, printing feature reports does not consume credits. This will change in the next release of ArcGIS Online, when feature reports will cost 2.5 credits per printed report.

Print individual survey results

An individual survey response can be highlighted by selecting either its entry in the data table or its point on the embedded map view. This opens the individual response panel, displaying the information from the survey as it was entered, in groups if they exist. Use the Print button in the individual response panel to print the individual response.

Print feature reports

To configure the appearance of a feature report, or to print reports from multiple responses at once, see Feature report templates.

In addition to selecting a single record for printing, you can also select multiple records or use a filter to print many records at one time.

If your selection of records are adjacent to each other in the table view of the Data tab, select the first record, press the Shiftkey, and then select the last record of your selection in the table view. All records between the first and last will be selected. When you click the Report tool at the top of the Data tab, the number of selected records is shown.

You can also select multiple records to print by using a date range or filter. Default date ranges of Today, Last 7 days, or Last 30 days can be selected from the drop-down list, or a custom date range can be entered. You can filter your records by attribute values or whether the location is within the current map extent.

When choosing to print more than one record, you must specify a folder in your ArcGIS Online account where the printed reports will be saved. This is optional when printing a single record. Once report printing starts, you can monitor the progress in the Recent tasks panel, or leave the page at any time and return to the page at a later time to view progress. The Recent tasks panel will show the last 10 print tasks.