What is Esri Redistricting

Esri Redistricting assists state and local governments, advocacy groups, and the general public in drawing legislative and congressional redistricting plans following the 2020 U.S. Census. The foundation of Esri Redistricting is Esri's proven ArcGIS software platform and pertinent dataset components. ArcGIS software provides comprehensive features and functionality for plan management, visualization, editing, and community collaboration.

Esri Redistricting can be used for geographic redistricting and territory design. Esri Redistricting is a web-based application that establishes an online community where users can collaborate and share district plans. It uses GIS mapping technology, Esri data, and the latest available census data to allow state and local government to prototype multiple redistricting scenarios before finalizing new boundaries.

Esri Redistricting provides online access to data content used by the community, including census and PL 94-171 data. It includes tools to promote increased collaboration between government and citizens. With Esri Redistricting and GIS, you can design optimal districts.

Create and design

Plan creation is simplified through tools available in Esri Redistricting. Demographics and district statistics allow you to create redistricting scenarios that ensure a balanced district population.


Esri Redistricting provides thematic mapping to help you edit and modify districts and territories that are imbalanced and create ideal district scenarios. Markup tools allow you to clarify plans with annotations and graphics. You can also add content from ArcGIS Online to enhance your editing experience.


Within Esri Redistricting, plans can be published as a map package, KML, or Feature Layer. Map packages, KML, and Feature Layer items can be published to ArcGIS Online to share with other users, included within story maps, or as a starting point for further analysis.


Plans can be imported and exported between users to collaborate on redistricting design. Reporting tools available with Esri Redistricting allow you to view plan histograms, plan distribution, and district distribution to ensure proportional demographics in your plan.


Plans can be shared between group members to allow collaboration on redistricting scenarios. Esri Redistricting also supports plan comparison to help you identify differences between two plans. Esri Redistricting is integrated with ArcGIS Online to allow sharing and dissemination of work to other users. You can search ArcGIS Online to add data and layers to your Esri Redistricting session to help you make informed decisions. Esri Redistricting includes Esri demographic data, census data, and ArcGIS Online basemaps to promote collaboration between government and citizens.