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What are the main differences between the SaaS and Enterprise Esri Redistricting solutions?

Please visit Esri Redistricting Deployment Offerings for a side-by-side comparison of the Esri Redistricting deployment options.

Can I try Esri Redistricting before purchasing it?

Esri offers a free 21-day trial of the software for testing purposes. The trial version is considered the single-seat SaaS offering. Only new Esri users will have immediate access to the downloadable file. If you are an existing Esri customer, please contact your Account Manager to request a free trial license.

Can I keep using Esri Redistricting after the contract ends?

Use of Esri Redistricting is based on the license:

  • For Esri Redistricting SaaS users: This is a single seat license that expires after one year.
  • For Esri Redistricting Enterprise users:
    • Hosted On-premise: Esri Redistricting is a perpetual license that will continue to operate in your on-premise environment.
    • Esri-hosted: Esri Redistricting will continue to operate, dependent on the hosting period. A typical licensing term for a hosted solution is one year.

Do I need to have experience using GIS to use Esri Redistricting?

GIS experience is not required as part of the redistricting process. Esri Redistricting is an intuitive application that allows users to quickly jump into the redistricting process. However, it does help to have a basic understanding of web mapping concepts and functionality.

Which browsers are officially supported by Esri Redistricting?

Esri Redistricting is supported on Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.

What formats are the State Attorney Generals looking for in the redistricting summary reports?

The format is typically not an issue unless the redistricting occurs in a Section 5 jurisdiction. If the district is in Section 5, the redistricting plans are submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice. With Esri Redistricting Online, you can export to a block equivalency file, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Are PDF, Excel, and HTML the only outputs formats for reports?

Yes; however, from Excel, a host of other formats are supported using the Save As option.

Can you overlay old district data?

Yes, you can overlay old district data using Esri Redistricting Online. You can create an overlay of district data using any of the following options:

  • Add a map service overlay from ArcGIS Online or from a URL hosting the map service.
  • Uploading a shapefile. You must be using Esri Redistricting Online 1.1 or later to use the upload shapefile feature.
  • Importing a plan's block equivalency file and using the plan comparison feature.


What census data is provided with Esri Redistricting?

Esri Redistricting includes the standard Census Public Law (PL94-171) data for 2020, 2010, and 2000.

Does Esri Redistricting include incarcerated population data for my state?

Some states require the use of incarceration population to be included as part of their redistricting plans. Esri packages the state-adjusted data (this includes incarceration population) as part of the Esri's redistricting solution for the states of California, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, please refer to Esri Redistricting supports new apportionment procedures with incarceration data. Additional states' incarceration data is available by request only from the customer.

How does Esri calculate the demographic variables used within the software?

Esri uses data aggregation formulas determined by the U.S. Department of Justice, in accordance with OMB Bulletin No.00-02. Specific PL item composition can be found in Understanding Demographic Variables.

Can Esri help me customize the census data?

The census data cannot be modified, but Esri Redistricting customers have the option to append their custom data to the standard census data using a common linking denominator, such as a census block. In this example, the census identification number needs to match the joined data with the same identifier.

How do I add reference layers to Esri Redistricting?

Within the Esri Redistricting application, the left panel contains a Search tab. Here you can add a place, an ArcGIS Online web service, or another REST web service directly to the map view. On the Create tab, you can also add addresses or shapefiles. Adding reference layers can help you make better redistricting decisions.

Esri Redistricting Enterprise Licensing

Is the Esri Redistricting license perpetual?

Yes. The Esri Redistricting Enterprise license is perpetual. The license will continue to operate on your servers with the option to purchase annual updates and support.

How many ArcGIS Enterprise creator licenses are provided by default when I purchase Esri Redistricting?

Esri Redistricting provides 500 default Creator user type licenses. Additional users may be requested at no additional charge for public engagement use.

How much free storage do I get with Esri's hosting services option?

An Esri-hosted Esri Redistricting provides up to 500 GB of storage.

How many ArcGIS Professional User licenses are provided with Esri Redistricting?

Esri Redistricting Enterprise comes with five (5) Professional Advanced User Type licenses. Please visit this link for more information about the GIS Professional User Type.

Can Esri Redistricting be incorporated into an Enterprise Agreement (EA)?

Yes, Esri Redistricting Enterprise can be included in US-based Enterprise Agreements, only if the Enterprise Agreement included the Advantage Program and prices in the cost for the application and services.

Sharing plans

I have shared a plan with groups and everyone in the Esri Redistricting Online community. However, the plan is now out of date. How do I unshare a plan?

To unshare a plan that you have shared with a group or everyone in the Esri Redistricting Online community, do the following:

  1. Open the plan you want to unshare.
  2. On the Plan ribbon, click Share Plan.
  3. Uncheck the groups or options you no longer want to have access to the plan.
  4. Click Update to save your changes.

A read-only plan has been shared with me. I can view the plan, but how do I edit it?

A shared plan that is read-only can be opened for viewing; however, you cannot save any edits. To save edits, you must perform a Save As function to create a copy of the plan to your user account. You can then make updates and share your plan with other users. To learn more about using the Save As feature, see Saving a plan to a new name. To learn more about sharing, see Sharing a plan.

Can I share redistricting plans with members of my ArcGIS Online organizational account?

As a SaaS or Enterprise Redistricting user, you can publish plans as a feature service to an existing ArcGIS Online organizational account directly from the Esri Redistricting application. Alternatively, it can also be shared to an ArcGIS Online organizational account by exporting the plan as a shapefile and uploading the plan into an organizational account.

Markup features

I added markup annotation text to my district plan; however, I cannot see all the text. Why does it look like not all the text is displayed?

Markup annotation text is contained in a text box that is set to a fixed size. Therefore, long text is not immediately visible.

Use the Resize tool to change the text box size. When you adjust the text box size, you will be able to see the whole text.


The Resize tool does not change the font size of the text; only the viewing window is changed. See Modifying redlining attributes for more information.

I want to move markup annotation text to a new location. When I select Move text, select the text, and pan the map, the map moves but the text stays still. How do I pan the map to move my markup annotation text?

When you select Move text and click the markup annotation text, markup is the active layer. You must click outside the markup annotation text to make the map the active layer. Doing so will allow you to select the Pan tool and pan to the desired location.