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Create a project

This tour describes how to create a project that allows you to capture data fast! You can capture both the location and attributes of assets or incidents as you travel. To do this, you create a feature service and data collection buttons that represent each unique set of data to be collected.

The following steps describe how to use ArcGIS Pro and the QuickCapture web designer to prepare a project for data capture.

Create a feature service

All QuickCapture data is stored in feature services. A single project may refer to layers in multiple feature services, but to get started, its common to create a feature service for your project.

A feature service can be created in many ways; however, it is recommend that you use ArcGIS Pro because it provides tools to define symbology and rules to help you when preparing the project.

  1. Create feature layers in ArcGIS Pro that represent the data you want to capture.

    Each layer will be presented as a group of buttons in QuickCapture.

  2. Optionally create coded value domains to constrain values that can be collected in fields.

    These coded values can help to define the symbology of your feature layer. The symbology of a feature layer is used when generating your QuickCapture project. Consider adding fields that your project can automatically populate, for example, timestamp, user name, or location accuracy.

  3. Publish your feature layer to your ArcGIS organization. Share the feature layer if others are to add records to it, and enable attachments if you intend to add photo capture to your buttons.

Use existing feature services

QuickCapture projects can be created from existing ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6, 10.7, and 10.7.1 feature services if they are registered as items with ArcGIS Online. If you intend to capture photos in your project, ensure that attachments are related to your feature layer using globalId fields. To learn how to add feature services as items, see Add items in ArcGIS Online and Add items in ArcGIS Enterprise.

Create a QuickCapture project

Projects are created and modified on the web from existing feature layers.

  1. Open the QuickCapture website. Sign in to your ArcGIS organizational account.

    ArcGIS Online

    ArcGIS Enterprise (where host, domain, and webadaptor are replaced by your portal information)

  2. Click New Project.
  3. Choose a feature layer that you own or is shared with you.
  4. Provide a thumbnail, project name, project tags, and recovery email address and click Create.

A QuickCapture project is generated for your feature layer, with buttons that represent the unique sets of data determined by your feature layer. You can customize the existing button—by adding parameters or copying buttons and modifying their parameters—to create unique capture buttons.

See Configure a project to learn more.

Share a QuickCapture project

For others to be able to use your project, you must share it with them. You must also share the feature layers that configured in the project. To learn how to share your project item with a user or group, see Share items in ArcGIS Online, or Share items in ArcGIS Enterprise.

View captured data

To view captured data from your project, go to the My projects page of the QuickCapture website and hover over your project. Select View Results. The Map Viewer will launch showing your captured data.