Organization settings

Organization administrators, or users with a role that contains the Manage the organizations website settings privilege, can configure settings of their organization that are applicable to QuickCapture. To learn more about privileges, see ArcGIS Online administrative privileges or ArcGIS Enterprise administrative privileges.

In the web designer, access the organization settings by clicking your user thumbnail.


Select which templates are available to project authors in the designer when they create a project. You can select one or both of the following:

  • Organization templates—A group in the organization that contains projects suitable for use as templates.
  • Esri templates—A selection of templates maintained by Esri.

Mobile app sign in

Configure project sharing links and QR codes to force the user to sign in to the app using an external browser. When applied, all links and QR codes include the externalBrowserSignIn URL parameter.

To sign in to a portal configured to use SAML PKI, the QuickCapture mobile app must use an external browser on the device for sign in instead of the default sign-in page. Enabling Use external browser in the administrator settings of the QuickCapture designer results in the externalBrowserSignIn URL parameter being applied to all shared project links and QR codes. This means that users will be prompted to sign in using an external browser when downloading any project from the organization.

For ArcGIS Enterprise versions earlier than 10.9, the arcgis-quickcapture:// redirect URI must be manually added to the QuickCapture application item. For more information, see Authentication.

Mobile app autosend interval

Set autosend frequency of the QuickCapture app for organization users. When applied, this setting will override the app's setting for organization users, and all their projects will have the specified autosend interval set by the organization administrator. By default, the autosend frequency is not specified for organization users (User defined). Other options are Off, Immediately, 30 seconds, 15 minutes, and 1 hour.

Mobile app project updates

Configure the mobile app to automatically update downloaded projects for organization users. When applied, the mobile app will automatically update any projects that have already been downloaded by a user. By default, the project auto-updates setting is set to Manual.