What's new in ArcGIS Mission

ArcGIS Mission is now available in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1. ArcGIS Mission is a geospatial communications and situational awareness app. ArcGIS Mission allows you to create, share, and monitor maps, teams, and other materials for use in operations. ArcGIS Mission has three components: Manager, Responder, and Server.

The ArcGIS Mission Manager web app is where missions are built and organized. ArcGIS Mission Responder allows mission engagement through a mobile app. ArcGIS Mission Server is an ArcGIS Enterprise server that links Manager and Responder. For more information, see What is ArcGIS Mission.

ArcGIS Mission Manager

  • Create a dashboard—View all geographic information to help you monitor events in your mission.
  • Mission reports—This form is authored by mission analysts and is completed by mission members in the field.
  • Tasks—Assign specific tasks to mission responder users in the field to be completed by a certain date.
  • Events List—View the list of events that occur from the time you connect to the mission in the mission analyst view.
  • Mission time—Filter to a specific time in your mission to view an event.
  • Assign a mission lead—Designate other members as mission leads to have similar capabilities as a mission owner.
  • Cache mission activity—Cache mission activity in the Messages, Tasks, and Reports feeds.

ArcGIS Mission Responder

  • iOS integration and interoperability with AndroidResponder can now be used on both iOS and Android devices during the same mission.
  • Tasks and ReportsResponder users can now receive and carry out tasks created for them by mission analysts and can submit reports about mission events.
  • Peer-to-peer workflows—Responder users can continue to participate in a mission and communicate with other Responder users, even when the connection with ArcGIS Mission Server has been lost, using peer-to-peer capabilities.

ArcGIS Mission Server

  • High-availability capability— ArcGIS Mission Server can now be joined in a highly-available configuration.
  • REST API— ArcGIS Mission Server includes new ways for developers to leverage Server REST API. New features include the following:
    • Mission creation
    • Stream Layer UI—Subscribe to mission tracks layers.
    • Enhanced security