View mission reports

Mission reports are authored by Mission analysts and are completed by mission members to organize and communicate information of a particular matter that has been observed, heard, completed, or investigated. A default report called Tactical Summary Report is created when you create your mission. A Mission Report item is also created in your portal account in the mission’s folder under My Content.


In a future release, a mission owner or administrator will be able to create a mission report on the Mission Details page.

On the Reports tab, the reports include the title, who they were created by, and the date they were created. You can also preview a report on the Reports tab. The preview is a read-only view of a sample report.

Preview a report

To preview a report, complete the following steps on the Mission Details page:

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Browse to the report you want to preview.
  3. Click the report check box to preview the report.

    A read-only sample version of the report appears. Only one report can be previewed at a time.

  4. Click Close Report Preview to close the report.

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