View the mission time

A mission can occur over a period of time. You can filter to a specific duration of time in the mission to view a particular event or to learn what happened since you last connected to the mission. The mission time is automatically set to display all mission information that has occurred over the last 24 hours. The date and time information is always recorded in coordinated universal time (UTC), which can be converted to local time.

Set a time extent

To view the mission based on a set extent, complete the following from the mission analyst experience:

  1. Click the Mission Time button.
  2. Choose from the following options:
    • Start Date using the calendar picker
    • Start Time using the time picker
    • End Date using the calendar picker
    • End Time using the time picker

    When you choose an end date or time, the button changes from red to gray to indicate that the mission is no longer live. You can click Skip to Live to automatically set the end date back to live.

  3. Click Apply.

    The Mission Time banner updates with your new extent.

Additionally, your mission map and Messages, Tasks, and Reports feeds update with the activity that occurred during the set time extent.

Reset the mission time

Click the Skip to Live button to reset the mission to real time. This automatically sets the mission time extent to view the last 24 hours. Alternatively, click the Mission Time button and click the Reset button.