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Maps and recordings

To perform a survey or test an Indoor Positioning Data Service in ArcGIS IPS Setup, you must first load a map. Maps shared with your ArcGIS organization that are tagged with an IPS tag are available in IPS Setup and displayed in the map list. You can review map details in the map list before opening a map in Map mode. In Map mode, you can zoom to sites and facilities and choose a floor to survey.

Map list features

The map list is displayed when you open IPS Setup. From the map list, you can load maps shared with your ArcGIS organization and access the recordings list by tapping Recordings New Line. The map list includes thumbnail images of the active map, maps marked as favorites, and other web maps shared with your organization.

From the map list, you can do the following:

  • Tap the options button Options and tap View Details View Details to see the name of the map owner and the time and date the map was last modified.
  • Tap the options button Options and tap Add to Favorites Add to Favorites to add a map to your favorites. To remove a map from your favorites, tap the options button Options and tap Remove from Favorites Remove from Favorites.
  • Tap Recordings New Line on the options bar above the map list to access the Recordings list.
  • Tap Profile Profile to access the profile menu.

Map mode

When you select a map, it will load in Map mode. In Map mode, you can view floor plans, switch between floors in a facility, receive notifications about problems with your device's sensors through Sensor Check bar warnings, test ArcGIS IPS performance if the Indoor Positioning Data Service for the selected map is available, select a floor to survey, or return to the map list.

In Map mode, you can do the following:

  • If the sensor check fails, a Sensor Check bar will appear above the map. To open the sensor check menu, tap the bar. The Sensor Check bar will not visible if all sensors are calibrated and the required permissions are granted.

    The Sensor Check can be accessed at any time from the profile menu.

  • Select a floor by tapping the floor picker and choosing the floor you want to survey. Survey recordings are limited to a single floor.

    Floor picker in Map mode of ArcGIS IPS Setup for Android


    If your web map contains multiple sites or facilities, zoom in or tap a facility to enable its floor picker.

  • Survey a floor in a facility in Survey mode by tapping the Survey button above the map and choosing to sketch a new path and add survey points in Plan mode or using an existing planned survey path.
  • Test the accuracy of an indoor positioning system in Map mode. If no Indoor Positioning Data Service is configured for the selected map, localization may fall back to the default system location (GPS) or not be available.


The Recordings list provides an overview of survey recordings on the device, including successfully uploaded recordings and pending uploads. Once you close IPS Setup, recordings that have been successfully uploaded will be cleared from the list. To review the recordings, tap Recordings New Line button above the map list. Recordings are displayed with the following icons, depending on their status:

Upload successful

The recording was successfully uploaded.

Upload pending

The upload is pending and will be uploaded automatically when a stable internet connection is available.

Upload failed

The upload failed. IPS Setup automatically tries to upload these recordings when a stable internet connection is available.

Upload pending for another user

Multiple users are using the device, and there are pending uploads from another user.