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Introduction to ArcGIS IPS Setup

The ArcGIS IPS Setup app allows you to plan and perform survey recordings inside facilities to collect location data. Record surveys in every area of your facilities where you want to enable IPS. Recordings can be uploaded from IPS Setup to an ArcGIS Online or Enterprise organization and converted to an indoor positioning file using the Generate Indoor Positioning File tool in ArcGIS Pro. Once you create an indoor positioning file, you can test it in Test mode of the IPS Setup app.


Use the same device to conduct the entire survey. If using multiple devices, use the same brand and model. Because sensors differ from device to device, you may experience different precision of indoor position information based on the device you are using. When processing survey recordings, the Generate Indoor Positioning File tool recognizes when different devices are used and provides a warning about the potentially lower overall accuracy.

Components of IPS Setup

ArcGIS IPS Setup is composed of five modes:

  • Map list—View map details, set favorites, open maps, and access the recordings menu from the map list.
  • Map mode—Visualize floor plans, switch between floors in a facility, and access Plan and Test modes from Map mode.
  • Plan mode—Sketch paths and add survey points to build a survey route before recording.
  • Survey mode—Collect radio reference data at an indoor site to build a record of trajectories, survey points, and locations, along with their corresponding geocoordinates.
  • Test mode—Test a positioning file in Test mode after generating the file with the Generate Indoor Positioning File tool in ArcGIS Pro.

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