Standard Geographies

ArcGIS Velocity real-time and big data analytics provide a variety of standard geographies sources to aid in the filtering and enrichment of your data. These standard geographies are provided in two groupings, World and United States.


  • A researcher wants to spatially filter records from hundreds of delimited text files to find only the features that occur within a certain state.
  • A GIS analyst wants to enrich incoming sensor location events to tag the US Zip Code Area in which the event occurred.

Usage notes

  • The standard geography layers provided are stored in ArcGIS Online hosted feature layers. As a result, when configuring the standard geography layer you can optionally modify the feature layer parameters including the Where Clause, Out Fields, and Output Spatial Reference.

Standard geography layers


  • World Country Areas
  • World Regions
  • World Administrative Divisions

United States:

  • US States
  • US Counties
  • US Zip Code Areas
  • US Census Tracts
  • US Census Block Groups


ParameterExplanationData Type

Where Clause

A WHERE clause to filter features loaded from the specified standard geography layer. The default is to load all features using 1=1. The default WHERE clause can be modified to include specific attribute values and logic conditions.

SQL 92 WHERE clause syntax on the fields in the layer is supported for standard geography feature layers.


Out Fields

Specify which fields from the standard geography feature layer should be loaded into Velocity.

The default value is an asterisk (*) which denotes that all fields will be loaded.

If specifying specific fields, this should be specified with comma separated field names. For example:



Output Spatial Reference

The well-known ID (WKID) of a spatial reference. The default is 4326.

Velocity will load data from the feature layer in the spatial referenced defined by this parameter.